Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Greer - 8th Grade Science

Greer - 8th Grade Science
All hours:  The Sound and Waves Test Review packet is due Thursday.  "Review 21.2", "Sound and Music", and "How the Ear Works" sheets are all due Wednesday.  The Waves and Sound Test will be Monday, May 15.

Spanish 2

Students took the Unit 9 vocabulary quiz and then took notes on irregular verbs in the preterit tense.

Individuals and Societies-Lyskawa

-Students continued to present IB Projects in class.  The projects are awesome!  Congratulations!!


Classwork: Yesterday students read about the ear and labeled the different parts. Their homework was to complete the sound/music sheet. Today we are taking a Daily science quiz, reading about analog vs. digital signals, and starting our study guide in class. Due to the half day, we will not have science tomorrow.

Homework: Study guides are due Thursday. Graded for completion!

Sound & Waves Test on Monday, May 15!

Canvasser 5.9.17 Tuesday

RR ELA- Reading logs are due Monday ( 5.15.17) students should be reading for a minimum of 30 minutes for five days a week. Students must also complete the short reader's response section, along with having a parent signature for all five days.

RR Math- The red group can complete workbook pages ( wk 3, day 3 and next lesson in data book) the signed homework packet and multiplication sheet are due on/before Tuesday ( 5.16.17) the math test will also be on Tuesday ( 5.16.17). Students workbook pages, notes, and homework packet are great study tools!

*Students need to bring their AR book to class and home daily!*