Monday, March 20, 2017


Classwork- 7.3 Inscribed Polygons

Homework - Inscribed Polygons practice
Coming soon! 7.1-7.4 quiz Friday
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Math 8 - Stone

We worked on investigation 2.2 today. This investigation continued to stress the concept of equivalent expressions. We extended this idea to combining two expressions to get a single expression that would get us a faster result.

For example, we had an expression that calculated profit for an amusement park earned based on the number of visitors. We also had an expression that gave us the number of visitors based on the probability of rain. Our challenge was to find the profit based on the probability of rain. We could work through each expression separately or combine the two.

Homework: page 34 (6-9), quiz correction due no later than Thursday, Partner Quiz Friday

Stein - Math 8 Plus - 3.20.17

What We Did Today:

Students started Investigation 3. Problem 3.1 - Flipping on a Grid: Coordinate Rules for Reflections. Students took a basic design element on a coordinate grid and found the rule that generalized reflections based on given lines of symmetry. Students also worked on ACE questions 1 – 3, 8, 16, 26.


Focus Question:

How can you describe how points "move" under a reflection with coordinate rules in the form (x,y)→(   ,   ) when the reflection line is (1) the x-axis? (2) the y-axis? (3) the line y=x?



Finish 3.1 A – C if not completed in class.


Classwork: We reviewed for the test by playing Jeopardy and reviewing practice questions. Use the study guide, homework assignments, and review questions to study for the test.

Test tomorrow! Work days Wed-Friday this week plus next Monday for alarm circuit project. Either work on building your alarm or typing your paper. Project due Tuesday, March 28.

Spanish 2

Students started Unit 8 and received vocab flashcards.

Homework: Finish flashcards if not done in class

Canvasser 3.20.17 Monday

Happy Monday!

RR ELA- Reading logs were due today, if you did not turn one in you may do so tomorrow for late points. The new reading logs are due Monday ( 3.27.17) Students should be reading for a minimum of 30 minutes for five days a week. Students must also complete the short reader's response section, along with having a parent signature for all five days.

RR Math- The blue group can complete workbook pages ( week 4, day 3) if not finished in class. The signed homework packet and multiplication sheet are due on/before Thursday ( 3.23.17) the math test will also be on Thursday ( 3.23.17). Students workbook pages, notes, and homework packet are great study tools.

*Students need to bring their AR books to class and home daily!*