Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stein - Intro to Coding - 4.27.17

What We Did Today:

Students defined variables by giving them a name and assigning them a value or expression, used variables within Evaluation Blocks and described a situation where using variables as substitutions for values or expressions is more efficient. Students took Lesson 5 notes and completed Stage 5, which is available on Google Classroom.


  • Define - Associate a descriptive name with a value.
  • Immutable - the value can't be changed during the execution of a program. Think about it this way: saying x = 50, and then x = x + 1 might make sense in Javascript, but it's impossible in Algebra.
  • Variable - A reference to a value or expression that can be used repeatedly throughout a program.

Stein - Math 8 Plus - 4.27.17

What We Did Today:

Students completed C and D from Problem 1.2 - In a Spin: Rotations. Students made generalizations regarding rotational symmetry. Students then practiced constructed their own rotational figures by completing ACE questions 8 – 10, 21 – 26 and 29. Notes are available at

Focus Question:

What does it mean to say that a figure has turn or rotation symmetry? How is each point related to its image under transformation by rotation?



Stein - Individuals & Societies - 4.27.17

What We Did Today:

Students reviewed causes of the Civil War and continued working on their Chapter 15 Assessment. Your assessment must include:

  • a minimum of ten events/people that you feel helped cause the Civil War

  • a date, or range of dates, for each event/person

  • an explanation (a few sentences) on how the event/person led to the war for each

  • must be in chronological order


This assessment is due at the end of the hour tomorrow. Also, any work that needs to be completed for your IB Project should be worked on as well.


Community Project presentations are due May 8. Please sign up with Ms. Stein if your group would like to use a computer during lunch Friday this week and Wednesday next week. All 8th Graders are welcome to sign up!

Greer - 8th Grade Science

Greer - 8th Grade Science
All hours:  Open-note Waves quiz will be tomorrow, April 28.  The "Transverse and Longitudinal Waves" sheets and "Interference" paper are due Friday and are a great review for the quiz. 

Math 8 - Stone

Yesterday, we finished up our Say it with Symbols unit when we took our unit test. Today we started our final unit in the It's in the System book. In our first lesson, investigation 1.1, we found different values for caps and shirts in an equation to get the target goal of making $600 for a fund raiser. We also looked at comparing the fund raiser equation in two forms: standard form to slope-intercept form:

standard: 5x + 10y = 600

slope-intercept: y = -1/2x + 60

They may not look alike, but these are equivalent, linear equations!

Remember tomorrow is going to be a working day, you will have time to finish the homework, as well as, the homework questions from the book. 

Ramin - ELA

Today students met with their book clubs to discuss their historical fiction novels. Students then turned in their response sheets and had time to continue reading their assigned chapters.


Classwork- Developed the formula for area of a circle, then applied it to help find area sectors.

Homework- Area sector practice

Coming Soon! Test Wednesday, May 3

Spanish 2

Students reviewed for tomorrow's Unit 8 Test. A practice test is available on VHL Central if students would like extra practice.

Individuals and Societies-Lyskawa

-Students worked on chapter 15 assessment time lines in class.
-Time lines are due at the end of class tomorrow.

Canvasser 4.27.17 Thursday

RR ELA- Reading logs are due Monday ( 4.27.17) students need to read for a minimum of 30 minutes for five days a week. Students must also complete the short reader's response section, along with having a parent signature for all five days. The grammar quiz is Friday ( 4.28.17) students should study pages 42-49 in their grammar packets.

RR Math- The blue group can complete workbook pages ( week 2, day 3) if not finished in class. The signed homework packet and multiplication sheet are due on/before Tuesday ( 5.2.17) the math test will also be on Tuesday ( 5.2.17). The math notes, workbook pages, and homework packet are great study notes!

*Students need to bring their AR books to class and home daily!*