Monday, December 19, 2016

Math 8 - Stone

We started investigation 3.1 today. It is a continuation of exponential growth.

Homework: page 48 (1-8, 24-30)

Quiz corrections due Wednesday

Partner Quiz this Thursday. You must have all of your homework in to get to work with a partner.


Greer - 8th Grade Science

Greer - 8th Grade Science
All Hours:  Study for the Unit 2 Test that will be this Wednesday, December 21.

Spanish 2

Students took notes on the preterit tense and began practicing conjugations.

Homework: WS #5

Individuals and Societies-Lyskawa

-Students reviewed 5.1 and 5.2 in class.
-Homework is to read, and be able to answer the following questions to, 5.3.

-What is the Constitutional Convention (who was there, when did it happen)?
-What was the Great Compromise (include the Virginia and New Jersey Plans in your answer)?
-What was the 3/5 Compromise?
-What is Federalism?
-What are checks and balances in the Constitution?

Dixon LRC

Parent signature on Weekly Schedule


Classwork: Students continued to work on their Rocket Racers and ran trials to see how far their racers ran. They then reflected on how to make improvements to their racers and ran additional trials. Students have a lab report to be completing on this project that will be due before we leave for Winter Break.

Homework: Students should be studying for the Unit 2 test on Wednesday. We went over the study guide on Friday and an answer key is also posted to the Science folder. We will be playing Jeopardy to review tomorrow in class.

Canvasser 12.19.16 Monday

Happy Monday!

RR ELA- The reading logs were due today ( 12.19.16) if you did not turn one in, you may do so tomorrow for late points. There will be no reading log over winter break, BUT if you are missing a reading you may turn on in when we return form break ( 1.4.16). In order to receive full points students must read for a minimum of 30 minutes for five days, complete the reader's response section, and have a parent signature for all five days. If you have no reading logs missing, you must still read every night for a minimum of 30 minutes for your general English classes.

RR Math- The red group can finish workbook pages ( week 3, day 1) the blue group worked on homework and test corrections. The signed homework packet and multiplication at sheet are due on/before Tuesday ( 1.10.17) the math test will also be on Tuesday ( 1.10.17)

6th and 7th hour LRC- The holiday party will be on Wednesday ( 12.21.16) students may bring in treats or board games, if you are bringing in a treat please try to stay away from items with any type of nuts in them.  

*Bring your AR books to class and home daily!*