Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday, June 5

Last 8th Grade Blog Post of the Year!

Science: 2nd Hour discussed the eye and observed Mrs. Petersen demonstrate the dissection, they (and 1st hour) will dissect on Monday. 5th-7th hours dissected the eye!

Geometry: Finished the final exam and placed our order for Noodle & Company lunch on Monday :)

Humanities: Students checked 20.3, reflected on the year and shared current events in class. No homework.

RR Math: Turn in any missing homework by Monday.

RR ELA: Read. Logs are due Monday! No exceptions.

BHS Media Center: Thank you for allowing me to address your 8th graders today! Here's some additional info on Summer Reading at BHS that may prove helpful:
  • Students must read at least 1 book (honors students: 2 titles) from the list for their incoming grade.
  • All other pertinent information, incl. assignments, book trailers & more, is on the BHS LMC home page ( in the Summer Reading Folder. (Direct BHS LMC Summer Reading folder link = )

Important update: Berkley High School is no longer endorsing the book HATE LIST on the 9th grade Summer Reading List in light of a recent situation at Anderson Middle School. The title appears on some earlier copies of the 2015 Summer Reading lists. If students choose to read the book, they do so without the official endorsement of Berkley High School. The book HATE LIST deals with the aftermath of a school shooting and has received many awards. The book will remain in the BHS LMC collection.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday, June 4

Science: Final exam day! Afternoon classes should complete the eye packet to participate in tomorrow's dissection. Morning classes can work on it tomorrow as they will dissect on Monday.

Geometry: Final exam day #1!

RR ELA: Read daily, your last log is due Monday.

RR Math: JG-E2020. Teal and Red group- test tomorrow, please study! Your homework packet is also due tomorrow.

Humanities: Students reviewed 20.2 and began to work on 20.3 free choice in class. Homework is to finish 20.3.

ELA - Students worked on and turned in their Credos or "I Believe" statements. We did a little bit of housekeeping and made sure that all are caught up on their AR and late assignments. Tomorrow will be the last day for afternoon classes!

Technology - Students worked on their Photoshop Warholish Self Portraits. If they finished that they worked on completing their lessons and/or their Credo. Students were also able to take any last minute AR quizzes.

Chinese: Berkley School District is hosting the Chinese Summer Camp this summer- informational flyer and registration form are attached. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday, June 3

Science: Went over the final exam review. Final is tomorrow- study the review and old tests/quizzes!

Geometry: Finished going over the final exam review and discussed practicing the unit circle and law of cosine formulas to study tonight. We will start the final tomorrow and finish on Friday.

RR Math: Test Friday- study daily. Homework packets are also due Friday. Workbook days 1-4 should be completed by Friday. JG-E2020

RR ELA: Read daily. Logs due Monday.

Resource Room LRC party is tomorrow. Please remember to bring in the item(s) you signed up for. You may also bring a game.
5th hour: 10 people.
6th hour: 10 people.

Humanities: Students reviewed 20.1 and began to work on 20.2 free choice in class today. Homework is to complete 20.2.

ELA - Students continued refining their Credos or "I Believe" statements. They then checked in a rough draft. Final Power Point or Google Slides due through Google Classroom by Friday. Homework: READ! Credo

Tech - Students worked on their Warholish self portraits. We will print either Friday or Monday.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday, June 2

Science: Played jeopardy to review for the final exam. Final exam review is due tomorrow, final exam is Thursday. 

Geometry: Went over #1-38 on the final exam review. The rest of the review is due tomorrow, final exam is Thursday & Friday.

Humanities: Students were introduced to chapter 20 and began to work on 20.1 free choice in class. Homework is to complete 20.1 free choice. Book collection is Friday.

RR Math: Test 6/5. Homework packet due 6/5 or before. JG-E2020. Red group- You should be done with workbook pages day 1, 2 and 3. Teal group- finish your workbook page from today.

RR ELA: Read daily. Your new reading log was passed out Monday and will be due 6/8/15.

RR LRC: Class party during LRC Thursday June 4th.

ELA - Students dug a little deeper into forming a personal credo in today's lesson Day 4 "I Believe." After writing lists of "I hate it when..." they then discovered why they hate it, then moved on to the bigger realization of what they can do to change that particular situation or response to a situation. Homework: READ, Credo and explanation ready for tomorrow.

Technology - Students continued working on their Photoshop projects.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday, June 1

Science: Worked on the final exam review, it is due on Wednesday. Grades from the Quest have been posted and these will be returned for students to do corrections on tomorrow. Final exam is Thursday!

Geometry: Worked on the final exam review, #1-38 are due tomorrow. We decided to split the final exam over two day, so we will begin on Thursday and finish on Friday.

RR Math: Test 6/5. Homework packet due 6/5 or before. JG-E2020. Red group- be done with days 1, 2 and 3 in your workbook by tomorrow.

RR ELA: Read daily. Your new reading log was passed out today and will be due a week from today, Monday.

RR LRC: Class party during LRC Thursday June 4th.

Humanities: Students took our chapter 19 test in class today. No homework.

Algebra: Final Exam starts on Wednesday. We have had 3 reviews. I have attached all three, along with 2 answer keys. The Algebra Extra Review is homework for tonight. I have also attached the note sheet that will be given to students during the exam.

ELA - Today in Writer's Workshop Day 3 we delved a little more deeply into our selves, and what is inspirational to us. We should all have a personal credo, or quote by tomorrow morning. We will be molding quotes/sayings to make them more personal. Homework: READ! (AR quizzes due June 5th) and Credo. 39 Things I have Learned in my Life is attached

Technology - Today we entered the frustrating world of Photoshop! We will have a new creation modeled after Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, Monkey, and self portrait.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday, May 28

Science:  Created mnemonic devices to remember the electromagnetic spectrum. Quest is tomorrow!

Geometry: Investigated volume of pyramids and cones. Homework is practice 10.2, 10.3 & 10.4.

RR Math: Students were given their test back today and their new homework packet that will be due 6/5/15. JG-E2020. Teal group- finish week 4 day 1 and 2 workbook pages for tomorrow. Red Group-Finish week 4 day 1 and 2 workbook pages for Wednesday.

RR ELA: Read daily. No new log this week! Turn in late logs.

Humanities: Students reviewed 19.2 and worked on 19.3 in class. Attached is a study guide for our chapter 19 test on Monday. Homework for the weekend is to study for the test.

ELA - Students handed in their take home quiz for Grammar Chapter 5. Students began their last project - a personal Credo in their "I Believe" Writer's Workshop. We discussed personal values and thought about what common values mean and which ones are important to each of us. Homework: Values and READ

Technology - With the internet down for most of the hour we discussed our last project and then worked on Homework - email a picture of self to Mrs. Kennedy (face shot with minimal background)

Pre-Algebra: Today we learned how to write equations for parallel and perpendicular lines. The homework is 8.6, 1-14 all. Notes and homework are available at .

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday, May 27

 Final Exam Schedule 
  • Friday, May 29: Spanish II Writing
  • Monday, June 1: Spanish II & Chinese Speaking
  • Tuesday, June 2: Spanish II & Chinese Speaking
  • Wednesday, June 3: Algebra & Chinese Listening
  • Thursday, June 4: Spanish I, French I, French II, Chinese Reading, Algebra & Science
  • Friday, June 5: Spanish I, French I, French II, Chinese Reading & Geometry

Science: Investigation with diffraction glasses to observe what colors are present when viewing varying colors of light and the laser.

Geometry: Began discussing volume by analyzing cross-sections of three dimensional figures. Homework is the cross-section practice.

RR ELA: Read daily. No new log today. Turn in late logs.

RR Math: Test today. Turn in late homework that was not turned in today. JG-E2020

Humanities: Students checked 19.1 and began to work on 19.2 in class. Homework is to complete 19.2 free choice. Chapter 19 test will be on Monday.

Pre-Algebra: Today, we looked at how to create slope-intercept equations with the y-intercept and slope given, as well as when two points, one being the y-intercept, given. The notes and homework are available at as well as the answers to yesterday's homework.

ELA - Students finished their study of modifiers with Grammar Chapter 5, Lessons 5 & 6. Each was given a take home quiz due tomorrow, students may use their packet to help clarify any questions. Homework: Grammar Quiz & READ (AR quizzes due June 5th)

Technology - Students were given the hour to catch up on their keyboarding, we will begin our final project in Photoshop when we are able to get back into the lab (M-STEP).

Algebra: We took a partner test today. Review assignment due on Friday