Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Canvasser 11.25.15 Wednesday

RR ELA- No reading logs this week, but students should be reading daily for general education English.

RR Math- The homework packet is due on/or before Wednesday (12.2.15)
The math test will also be on Wednesday (12.2.15)

Have a wonderful break!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ramin - ELA - 11/24/15

Students revised their 3 body paragraphs

Read your independent AR book

Important Dates
M 12/14: 2 Reader's Book Records due
F 1/29: AR points due (end of second quarter)


Science- Tuesday, November 24

Classwork: Discussed the speed time graph to analyze where forces appeared to be balanced vs. unbalanced for a car on the track. We then took notes on gravity and free fall.

Homework: Mass vs. Weight (see the science folder for a copy)

Discussion Starters: Explain this statement from today's video- If you're not happy with how slim you are, join  mass watchers. If you just want to change your weight, go to the moon!

Geometry- Tuesday, November 24

Classwork: Took the unit 3- Congruence test.

Homework: None, enjoy the long weekend!

Discussion Starters: How did the test go?

Canvasser 11.24.15 Tuesday

RR ELA- No new logs over the holiday break, but students should be reading daily for general education English.
Late logs need to be turn in before the break!

RR Math- Both groups should be working on the homework packet!
Blue group can finish up the workbook pages from class today

Monday, November 23, 2015


Classwork: Went over the Unit 3 review.

Homework: 3.4 practice

Discussion Starters: What do you need to study most for tomorrow test?

Science- Monday, November 23

Classwork: Discussed the balanced/ unbalanced homework. Students then graphed speed vs. time data for incline and flat track to look at where there is evidence of acceleration on track and what that tells us about force.

Homework: Newton's 2nd Law. Look up acceleration due to gravity for #5. 

Discussion Starters: What are the two formulas for calculating acceleration?