Friday, October 2, 2015

Ramin - ELA - October 2, 2015

WW Narrative Poetry - Day 6: Structure and Drafting. We reviewed poetic structure, and students had time to draft a few more narrative poems in their journals.

- 10/5: Choose one of your narrative poem drafts from class that you'd like to develop further. Be ready to meet with me on Monday about your poem choice.
- Read!!! AR Quizzes for First Quarter (4 books or 50 points) due Wednesday, November 4th. Make sure you are planning your reading accordingly!
Class Website: (sign up for Remind101, view course documents, etc.)


Geometry- Friday, October 2

Classwork: Began investigating the logic of proofs. Students used simple algebra problems to show how a two column proof works. We then applied this to a simple proof using segment addition.

Homework: Segment addition and algebra proofs handout, see math folder for a copy.

Discussion Starters: How does Ms. Throm feel about proofs?

Science- Friday, October 2

Classwork: Investigated how speed of a car on the track changes after bouncing off a rubber band.

Homework: None, quiz is now on Tuesday.

Discussion Starters: Ask your students why we use a distance of 1 cm when there is a single photo-gate on the track.

Individuals and Societies

-Students finished their open book tests in class today.
-No homework.

Canvasser 10.2.15 Friday

RR ELA- Reading logs are due Monday (10.5.15)
 Remember you need to read 5 days (20 minutes) and do the reader's response activities

RR Math-  Students took their first test today. Students can turn in the homework packet on Monday for late points, if it was not turn in today.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Science- Thursday, October 1

Classwork: Practiced converting in the metric system using the "Ladder Method".  Here's a video that can help:

Homework: Complete the metric system problems, see science folder for a copy.

Discussion Starters: Ask your students about King Henry and how he died. Can they sing the song? How does this mnemonic device help with conversions in the metric system?

Geometry- Thursday, October 1

Classwork: Took the constructions quiz.

Homework: None!

Discussion Starters: Ask how students did on the quiz.