Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday, September 29

Science: Continued practicing with distance/time graphs. Quizzes were returned and students had some time to work on quiz corrections for additional credit. Quiz corrections are due tomorrow.

Geometry: Introduced the last section for Unit 1- Proofs about parallel & perpendicular lines. Homework is practice #1-5. Unit 1 Test is on Friday!

RR English: Readings logs were due today. If you forgot yours, please turn it in by tomorrow for a reduced point- better than a zero!! Your new reading log was passed out today and will be due on Monday 10.6.14. Please remember you need to respond to each readers response one time (5 days) and you need to follow exactly what the response asks you to do for full points.

RR Math:
1. On Monday 10.6.14 your math homework packets are due-both groups! You will also need to make sure your X sheet is filled out and signed. You can turn your homework in a day or two early if you want me to check it so you can use it to study!
2. Your test will also be on Monday 10.6.14. Study!
3. Red group, you need to finish your workbook pages that we did in class today for tomorrow if you did not finish them in school today.

French 2: Passé composé quiz on Thursday

Humanities: Students checked 1.4 and discussed current events in class. No homework.

Algebra: Homework: fix incorrect problems from 3.1 assignment and worksheet 3.2/6.2

Pre-Algebra: Today we reviewed 1.4. The homework is 1.4 Practice B, 2- 30 even. Also, quiz corrections are due tomorrow with a signature from an adult. Homework and notes can be found at

ELA-Kennedy- Students were given rubrics to compare their final draft to their rubric. This should be handed in tomorrow with the final published and illustrated poem. Homework: Journal #1.19 and Read. Readers response rubric and criterion A rubric attached. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thursday, September 24

Science: Students analyzed stories and various graphs, working together to pair up graphs of motion with a story that would logically go with the graph and then compared their matches with other groups and explained their reasoning as a class. This will help with our last part of the unit, graphs of motion, which we will begin next week.

Geometry: Continued our frustration with proofs (don't worry, this is normal at the beginning!) with the Proofs about Segments and Angles handout. Whatever wasn't finished in class is homework.

RR English: Reading logs are due Monday. All five days- follow what each response asks you to do so you can earn full points!

RR Math: Purple group, finish your workbook pages from today if you did not finish them in class- due Monday. All groups- please continue to work on your math packets and X facts!

Algebra:  We finished up our launch activity, handed in last night's homework, and we went over our first Chapter Test.  No homework.

Humanities: Students reviewed 1.3, and worked on 1.4, section assessment in class. Homework is to complete 1.4 section assessment (if students worked in class, they should have finished this already) and to complete a current event for Monday (they have known about this since this past Monday).

French 2: Passé composé quiz on Thursday Oct 2nd: in a sentence format with a word bank

Pre-Algebra: What We Did Today: Today we practiced story problems and shared/compared different strategies. Homework: Please check Skyward for any missing assignments. If you have none, check out BuzzMath or Math IXL. Both can be found at Enjoy the holiday weekend! :)

Chinese: Please check the Chinese blog. We have homework.

ELA - Writer's Workshop Day 8 - Students worked on their poems in Peer Response Groups. All read at least 4 poems and responded. We then worked on making sure all elements of narrative poetry was included in each poem. If you are not satisfied with your poem, re-write it over the weekend. We will be publishing and illustrating our poems. If you want your illustration to be printed, you must do it at home or find another way. We will only have access to a black and white printer. Hand illustrations are always accepted. Final draft form means not erasable and full of color. Homework: Have your poem ready to publish, READ! Have a Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday, September 23

Science: Took our first quiz today- no homework.

Geometry: Completed notes on proofs about segments and angles. Homework is to complete the second practice proof in our notes.

RR English: Read. Reading logs will be due Monday after the long weekend. All five days. Please make sure you are answering all five of the responses. Read the responses- many of you are not following what each response is asking you to do. You can use your general education ELA AR books for this assignment each week.

RR Math: Homework packets were passed out and you have some time to work on them. G red group- finish day 1 workbook pages for tomorrow if you did not finish them in class today.

Humanities: Students shared Peace Day writing assignments and began to work on 1.3 section assessment in class. Homework is to complete 1.3 section assessment. Current events are due Monday.

French 2: 9.2 vocab quiz Thursday Oct 2nd.

ELA (Kennedy) - Yesterday you looked at your Narrative Poems again - I was out sick, sorry :( Today we charted all of the narrative poetry elements and made sure our figurative language was used within. Tomorrow we will evaluate our own poems and three other poems, it is vital that all students have a narrative poem to be evaluated with them and in their journals.Next week we will be publishing and illustrating our poems. We will only have BLACK AND WHITE printing abilities so if you want to have your illustration be digital is must be printed at home. Otherwise we can print the poems here and you may hand illustrate it with crayons or markers. All poems will be final draft form (non erasable, NO PENCIL). Homework: Poem Journal entry #1.15 and READ! Launching Day 7 attachment, Narrative Poem Structure Tool attachment

Pre-Algebra: Today we worked in the lab. We set up BuzzMath accounts and practiced on BuzzMath, IXL and the textbook eworkbook. Your student was shown how to access and log in to all of these sites. They are all available on my website. Please have your student work on these when there is no homework. There is no homework tonight.

Algebra: Test scores should be up on Family Access by tonight. We launched chapter 3 today with a Dining Card project. We will present our results tomorrow. Homework: wkst 3.1.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, September 22

Science: Discussed and analyzed the data from Friday's investigation. We also went over the speed homework and talked about how to study for tomorrow's quiz.

Geometry: Began discussing formal proofs using theorems about segments and angles. Homework is practice #1 in Proofs about Segments & Angles. The unit 1 test is Friday, October 3.

RR English: Reading logs should have been turned in today. If you forgot, you need to please get it in by tomorrow for late points. Your new reading log is being passed out today and will be due on Monday 9/29.

RR Math: You will receive your math homework packets today or tomorrow. They will be due Monday 10/6. Practice your X facts daily! H Purple group- if you did not finish your workbook pages today in class, those will be due tomorrow.

Pre-Algebra: We started 1.4. We took notes in class. The homework is 1.4 Practice B, 1-31 odd. This is due tomorrow at the beginning of the hour on a separate sheet of paper. Notes and homework can be found at .

Humanities: Students celebrated Peace Day in class today! Homework is to complete the Peace Day writing assignment for tomorrow.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, September 19

Science: Investigated calculating speed on of a car on and incline track at two points, before and after it bounced after the rubber band at the end. We will use this data to discuss energy of the system. Quiz has been moved to Tuesday, September 23.

Geometry: Took the constructions quiz. Homework is to complete the 1-6 Engage & Reflect section in their notes.

RR English: Reading logs due Monday- 5 different responses.

ELA (Kennedy) - Students began their Narrative Poem today with our Writer's Workshop Day 5. We discussed figurative language and how to place this in our poem. I also reminded them to keep an eye on their Narrative Elements chart and be sure to include all of the elements in their final poem. Many were far a long, but many still need to work this weekend. To be ready for Monday's class please be sure your student has at least one draft of their poem ready. Homework- One Narrative Poem ready for Monday's class - READ! Figurative Language Overview is attached.

Algebra: We checked the review. Test on Monday! I have attached my worked out answers for the review.

Chinese: Assignment is posted, please check the class blog.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday, September 18

Science: Today we practiced converting units in the metric system using the Ladder Method & the mnemonic device "King Henry Died by Drinking Chocolate Milk". Students should complete the metric system practice if not completed in class. If you sign up for Flocabulary you can watch the video here: Quiz on Monday! 

Geometry: Continued constructions by attempting patty paper constructions. Homework is to complete the constructions handout. Construction Quiz tomorrow! 

RR Math: Your section test will be tomorrow, Friday. Please study the pages I gave you tonight, your notes and homework if you turned it in early. Cover up problems in your book and re-work them. Your homework packet is also due tomorrow, Friday, if you did not turn it in early.

RR English: Read- Logs are due Monday (all five days!)

Humanities: Students checked 1.1 and 1.2 in class. We also discussed current events. No homework.

Algebra: We started our Chapter 1/2 review. It is due tomorrow.

ELA (Kennedy) - Students continued their Writer's Workshop Launching Unit with Day 4. We analyzed poems to be sure we could recognize the Elements of Narrative Poetry. Students then tried their hand writing a poem about being late. Polishing these poems is homework tonight. Homework: Journal entry - Poem, READ. Mentor text,  narrative element

French 2: I will be absent today and tomorrow. The passé composé quiz is moved to Monday. Remember to use the practice ones on the blog (under study guide)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17

Science: Students worked in teams to practice calculations involving speed, distance and time with problem solving boxes on dry erase boards. Homework is the speed worksheet. First quiz is Monday, September 22.

Geometry: Continued our practice of constructions with perpendicular lines (so much easier than parallel lines!). Homework is to finish the perpendicular line practice (#3-7).  Construction quiz on Friday.

RR Math: Students have a math test Friday- study! Math homework packets are due on OR before this Friday. Blue group- finish any workbook pages that you could not get done today-due tomorrow.

RR English: Your new reading log was passed out on Monday and will be due Monday 9.22.14. Read!!

French 2: Passé composé quiz tomorrow. Translations on passé composé is due tomorrow. 9.1 packet is due Monday.

Pre-Algebra: Today we started the study guide for 1.1 - 1.3. We will go over it tomorrow in class as a review for the quiz on Friday. The assignment is 1.1: 1-12, 1.2: 1-13, 1.3: 1-7. Notes and examples are included in the study guide. The study guide is found at .

Algebra: We covered section 9.1 today. The last section of this chapter. Homework: 9.1 worksheet.

ELA (Kennedy) - Students continued with their Writer's Workshop Launching Unit with Day 3. We looked at poems about everyday people, places and things. We then began making lists of nouns that we could possibly use as the topic for our Personal Narrative Poems. Homework: Home Journal Entry 1.10 - 20 Things & READ!