Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday, March 30

Science: Investigated how waves move and interact with boundaries. We also observed waves moving "through" mediums, like in a wave pool. We will have a quiz on waves on Thursday, anyone who will be absent should try to take it on Wednesday instead of waiting until we return from vacation. 

Geometry: Continued practicing central and inscribed angles. Homework is the central and inscribed angle handout

Humanities: Students checked 13.1 and began to work on 13.2 in class. Homework is to complete a 13.2 free choice.

RR Math: Work on homework packet, study problems learned in class.

RR ELA: Read daily. Logs due today. If you did not turn your log in, please get it in tomorrow. No new log this week.

ELA - Students worked on Verbals with Grammar Chapter 7 Lesson 1. We then read to be sure we were on track for reading this final marking period. Students should have a book finished by the time they return after Spring Break. Quiz on Verbals Thursday. Homework - Read, Grammar 7.1, Journal #4.01

Technology - Students were given their Classroom Practices and Expectations. Please sign and have back by Wednesday for an A on their first assignment. Typing Web sign ins were also handed out. With our standardized testing now on the computer, keyboarding skills are imperative.

Algebra: 2nd hour homework (12 problems of your choice from review worksheet) 4th - 7th hours homework (10.5 ext.)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday, March 26

Science: Continued discussing properties of waves, and how the formula we used to find speed earlier in the year (V=D/T) is related to the formula for speed of a wave (S=WxF) by substituting (Yeah Algebra!) for frequency. Students then worked on the Properties of Waves & Waves handout. This is due on Monday. 

Geometry: Began unit 7 on Circles by investigating central angles. Homework is the central angles handout. 

RR Math: Homework packets due after vacation.

RR English: Read daily- logs are due on Monday.

ELA - Students worked on their posters, read, and took AR quizzes. With all of the March Miracles mayhem it was good that we only had a work day. 1/2 day flip day tomorrow. I will be in the PYP lab until 12:00 for those last minute AR quizzes.

Technology - last day for Tech :( We finished up Warhol images and any late work. Next week this group moves on to Health and a new Technology group comes to me. If there is any late/missing work remaining it needs to be to me by Wednesday at the latest.

Algebra: Hours 4-7 your homework of 10.5B (1-9, 10-18 evens, 19) is due tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday, March 25

Science: Students worked together to take notes on properties of waves, which we observed via an investigation yesterday. 

Geometry: Took the Law of Sines & Cosines test.

RR ELA: Logs are due Monday- read daily.

RR Math: Students can begin their homework packets due after vacation.  

Pre-Algebra: Today we practiced dividing fractions. We investigated why multiplying by the reciprocal is a generalization and practiced using the process to divide fractions. The homework is 1-33 every other odd. This can be done on the same sheet. Notes and homework are available at

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday, March 24

Science: Began observing wave properties with slinkys. Projects must be taken home by Thursday, any circuit project corrections are due by Thursday.

Geometry: Went over the review for tomorrow's test.

RR Math: Students can start their homework packets. Student got their test back.

RR English: Read daily. Logs are due Monday.

ELA - Students are working on their Child Labor Posters, due Thursday. AR Quizzes are due Friday at noon.

Technology - we are working on a Photoshop project, a little glitchy so it may or may not be completed by the end of the week.  

Humanities: Students took our chapter 12 test and shared current events in class. No homework. Current events are due Thursday.

Pre-Algebra: Today students practiced 5.1-5.4 using BuzzMath. This had students work with different models to solve fractional problems. Students were also introduced to a reciprocal. On my website, I have attached a list, in order, of what students can practice on BuzzMath.

Chinese: Test Tomorrow!! The test covers mini story 2.1 and 2.2.

Algebra: Homework: re-do problems 9-11 from yesterday's homework.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday, March 23

Science: What is Safe projects were returned and corrections were discussed. If students are choosing to do corrections they must be turned in by Thursday to count for the card marking. We then discussed the 8th grade trip to Cedar Point and permission slips were passed out. Permission slips due Wednesday, April 1. Students were then able to start working on the Period & Frequency handout, this is homework.  

Geometry: Started working on the Law of Sines & Cosines review, review is due tomorrow. Law of Sines & Cosines test is Wednesday, March 25. 

ELA - Students turned in their Journals and were introduced to our final project for Iqbal and the issue of child labor. This project is due Thursday, March 26. Homework: READ! AR quizzes due Friday, March 27th

Technology - We will print survey charts today. Students should either email me or bring in a flash drive with a digital image of themselves. If they do not have one we will take photos in class. We will be working in Photoshop this week!

Humanities: Students had a second day of review for our chapter 12 test tomorrow. Homework is to complete the review sheet and terms and names for tomorrow's test. Current events are due Friday.

RR ELA: Logs are due today. Your new log was passed out due on Monday. Turn in late logs tomorrow. Read daily.

RR Math: Late homework should have been turned in today. Your new homework will be passed out today or tomorrow.

Pre-Algebra: Today we went over 5.4, multiplying mixed number and improper fractions, some with variables. The homework is 5.4, 1 - 27 odd. Try to have a picture for number 27. Notes and homework available on .

Chinese: Homework: Mini story 2.2 Hanzi Writing Day 2. Due tomorrow, March 24

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday, March 20

Science: Took notes on cycles, period & frequency as related to harmonic motion. We then did our first "flash" assessment to determine understanding of a cycle and what factors affect the period of a pendulum.

Geometry: Continued Law of Cosines. Homework is the Law of Sines & Cosines Handout. 

RR ELA: Logs are due Monday- read daily!

RR Math: Homework was due today. If you did not turn it in, please do so by Monday.

Humanities: Students reviewed for our chapter 12 test on Tuesday. Homework is to study and work on the terms and names found in each of the four sections of chapter 12.

Algebra: We took our Chapter 10 mini-Test today. I also offered 2 extra credit problems that were due at end of the hour. No homework

Chinese: Homework for this week:
1) Hanzi Writing - 5 characters
2) Finished drawing the pictures after your read the story (mini story 2.2 xiao he de sheng ri)
3) Read the mini story 2.2 (xiao he de sheng ri) to your parents or guardians and ask them to sign on the last page.
TEST- We are going to have a test coming Thursday (March 26). The test covers mini story 2.1 and 2.2. It includes reading comprehension and writing.

ELA - We finished reading Iqbal and wrote a page reflection on the Power of One. We then watched this video on work inspired by Iqbal Masih with actual footage of the boy himself.

Homework: READ! 46 Journal entries due Monday

Technology - students finished up their surveys and began formatting them in Excel. We will print charts on Monday. Students should either email me or bring in a flash drive with a digital image of themselves. If they do not have one we will take photos in class. We will be working in Photoshop next week!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday, March 19

Science: Continued investigating pendulums by experimenting with variables that affect it's period.

Geometry: Introduced Law of Cosines, homework is to complete the next two problems from the notes.

RR English: Logs due Monday- read daily.

RR Math: Homework due tomorrow. Test tomorrow. Study!

 Algebra: Test tomorrow on sections 10.1-10.3. We know everything there is to know about parabolas. Homework: Chapter 10 Part 1 Practice Test (all)

 Chinese:  Finish Mini Story 2.2 Reading Exercise. You need to read the story and draw the pictures. Due date is tomorrow.

 ELA - We checked in last night's reflection on Iqbal then continued reading with chapters 12-13. Students answered questions on the chapters as their in class journal entry. Tonight's journal entry is a free write. Homework: READ! Journal Entry #3.45
Upcoming due dates:
Child Labor Project (not given out yet) Thursday, March 26
Journals with a minimum of 46 entries due Monday, March 23
AR quiz goals due by noon on Friday, March 27

Technology - Students finished up Evaluations of their Family Budgets. We then moved on to an Excel Survey. Students first completed a practice sheet on how to format data for display in a chart by completing the Pictogram assignment. They then developed their own survey which we will also depict with a Pictogram. Personal Surveys should have 10 items to choose from and they should survey at least 100 people.