Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday, April 27

Science: Went over the review for tomorrow's test. Homework is to study.

Geometry: Took the Unit 7 Test. No homework.

RR ELA: Logs due today. If you did not turn your log in, please make sure to turn it in tomorrow. New logs were passed out and are due Monday. Read daily.

RR Math: Test today. If you forgot to turn in your homework packets that were due today, please make sure I get that tomorrow. E2020 student- 20 minutes.

Humanities: Students took the M-STEP during class today. No homework.

ELA - Last day of M-STEP! With the disruptions we did our Reader's Workshop Day 11 and read. Many students are done their book, don't forget we have our final Book Club on Wednesday - with WIR3 due then as well. Homework: Read, WIR3, Journal #4.26

Technology - Students worked on their Investigate for their Family Budget. Any questions or missing work can be found on the Google Classroom. 

Pre-Algebra: Today we took notes over 6.2, solving proportions using multiplication, division and algebra. The homework is 1-25 odd on a separate sheet of paper. The notes and homework are available at .

Algebra: We are having a quiz this Wednesday covering sections 11.1-11.3. We started chapter 12 today. No homework.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday, April 24

Science: Students had time to work on their review, which is due on Monday. Waves & Sound test is Tuesday, April 28. The following are some websites that demonstrate sound and waves:

Geometry: Went over the Unit 7 review, Unit 7 test is Monday, April 27.

ELA - Students made time-lines of the Civil War and of their characters' lives in their Historical Books in their Reader's Workshop Day 10. The Civil War Time Line should have the events leading up to the war and will fill in the events they learn about in Humanities as they progress. The two time-lines may not match up- but both should be complete by May 11th. Homework: Read, WIR# (due Wed)

Technology - Students continued their Family Budget Investigation. All directions and rubric are located conveniently on the Google Classroom. Students should be keeping a Design Folder with evidence of their Investigate, Design, Create and Evaluate.
Investigate- Spreadsheet, print evidence of expenses, bibliography.
Design - Task list from packet, rough draft of speech and visual aid.
Create - final print out of project, Process Journal from packet
Evaluate - Rubric and after project is presented hand back in with Evaluation Essay
Due dates:
Investigate - Wednesday, April 29
Design/Plan - Friday, May 1
Presentations will begin Tuesday, May 5

RR Math: Test Monday. Please study your notes and math problems in your book. Remember the strategies I taught you for how to study math. Math packets are also due on Monday.

RR English: Read- 5 days. Signed logs are due Monday.

Humanities: Students checked chapter 15 assessment and shared current events in class. No homework. Please note that current grades in skyward are not accurate. Due to a computer situation, all grades are registered as E's. Homework completion is accurate, but percentages are wrong. This problem will be fixed early next week. I apologize for any confusion.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday, April 23

Science: 1st, 2nd, 5th & 6th hour students did the mathematics performance assessment for M-step. 7th hour finished the review. Review is due on Monday, April 27 & the Waves & Sound test is Tuesday, April 28.

Geometry: Worked on the Unit 7 review, which is due tomorrow. Unit 7 test is Monday, April 27.

ELA - Students read and worked on their journal entry for today, Historical Fiction Day 9. M-STEP again, and we will be missing some students tomorrow with the Chicago Trip. Please be sure to check the blog tomorrow for any work missed. Homework: READ, WIR3, Journal #4.23

Technology: Students worked on their Family Budget, we reviewed how to find their earnings and how to track all of their sources throughout this project. All information can be found on the Google Classroom

RR ELA: Read daily. Logs due Monday.

RR Math: Test Monday and homework packet due Monday.

Algebra: We worked on section 11.3 (solving radical equations). Homework: odds

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 22

Science:  8th graders participated in a lesson to prepare them for the mathematics performance assessment of the M-Step. They then took a survey to indicate what they'd like to do for legacy day as well as help make their Cedar Point groups. 

Geometry: Took a points of concurrency pop quiz! Students then began reviewing for Monday's test.

RR ELA: Read daily. Signed logs due Monday.

RR Math: Finish any workbook pages assigned today and work on your homework packet due 4/27.

ELA - Students held their Book Club Meeting #2 today. They are really doing great with this, I will have to add more next year! The next and final meeting is Wednesday, April 29th. WIR3 is due same day! Great job boys and girls! Homework: READ! WIR3 & Journal #4.2. Historical Fiction Day 8a

Technology - We began our Family Budget today with our Lottery of Life - students picked out of a cup four aspects of their pretend life: City, State; Married or Divorced; how many and ages of boy children; how many and ages of girl children. It is a fun day! All other information and hand outs for the project are located conveniently on our Google Classroom!
Due dates:
Investigate - Wednesday, April 29
Design/Plan - Friday, May 1
Presentations will begin Tuesday, May 5

Humanities: Students checked 15.3 and began to work on 15.4 in class. Homework is to finish 15.4 free choice. Students will work on chapter 15 assessment in class tomorrow. This assessment will count as an open book quiz, and is due Friday.

Algebra: Finish the notes from section 11.2 pages 8 and 9

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday, April 21

Science: Played Jeopardy to review for next week's test. Tomorrow students will be participating in a mathematics activity to help prepare them for the last session of M-Step math testing Thursday & Friday.

Geometry: Completed notes on 7.7, homework is the Centroid Handout.

Humanities: Students checked 15.2 and were introduced to 15.3 of the text in class. Homework is to finish 15.3 free choice for tomorrow.

RR ELA: Logs are due Monday- read daily.

RR Math: Finish workbook pages from today and work on your packet due 4/27.

Algebra: We started simplifying radicals (square roots) today. Homework: 11.2A (1-15)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday, April 20

Science: 1st, 2nd, 5th & 6th hours took the math M-Step test. 7th hour worked on their review.

Geometry: Intersecting medians activity in class. Homework is the Incenter Handout. Unit 7 test Monday, April 27.

RR English: Read daily. Logs were due today. If you forgot, please get it in tomorrow. New logs are due Monday 4/27.

RR Math: Finish any workbook pages from today and work on your math packet due 4/27.

Humanities: Students reviewed 15.1 and worked on 15.2 free choice in class. Homework is to finish 15.2 free choice.

ELA - M-STEP again :) Students focused on theme today for our Reader's Workshop Day 6. We have worked on this quite a bit this year, looking for the message, what the book is "really, really" about. We all know the novel is not REALLY about the Civil War. Next Book Club is Wednesday, April 22nd - WIR2 is due at the beginning of the hour. Homework: READ - WIR2, Journal #4.17

Technology - M-STEP again :) We spent our time keyboarding and working on any other work they need to catch up on from other classes due to the M-STEP. Tomorrow we will begin the Family Budget project!

Algebra: We started Chapter 11 and 8th graders finished their Chapter 10 tests. Homework is Worksheet 11.1 # 13-18

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday, April 17

Science: Students watched Bill Nye Sound and had the opportunity to start working on the Waves & Sound review if they wanted. Due to M-Step the review is not due until Monday, April 27 and the test is Tuesday, April 28.

Geometry: Began section 7.6, inscribing circles.

RR Math: Homework packet due 4/27. Work on any workbook pages not finished in class today.

RR English: Read daily. Logs are due Monday!

ELA - Major M-STEP day, students mostly read in class Day 5 teaching point is attached. Please remember that a teaching point is not a full journal entry, the Independent Practice needs to be done for an in-school entry to count :) Homework: Read, WIR2 (due Wednesday)

Technology - With M-STEP we had less than half students in class, therefore we were not in a Lab so we finished up any Quests not completed and worked quietly. This is the only day we will be in a regular classroom for the M-STEP (we hope). Tuesday is the next day I will have all students in Tech - we will begin our Family Budget on that day.

Algebra: We took our Chapter 10 test today. No Homework! Have a great weekend.