Monday, November 28, 2016

Ramin - ELA

Today students began working on an outline for their literary essay. We will begin drafting tomorrow.

Greer - 8th Grade Science

Greer - 8th Grade Science
All hours:  Complete the questions that go with Part B of the investigation. 


Classwork: Today we read about and reviewed how to calculate acceleration and about Newton's 2nd law.

Homework: Acceleration problems using the formula: (change in speed)/time

Coming up: Open note quiz on Friday, December 2. Students can use notes and homework to complete the quiz and corrections will be offered. The quiz will cover the first and second law as well as the acceleration formula and F=m*a (covered today and tomorrow).

Math 8 - Stone

Today we finished our last investigation for the unit. In investigation 4.4, we learned more about irrational numbers (non-terminating, non-repeating numbers). Extra credit was due today.

Homework: page 71 (19-23, 36) - for 36 look up how to find the volume of a cone


Spanish 2

Students began Unit 6 today and received the new vocab. list. The vocab. quiz will be Thursday, December 8.

Dixon LRC

Parent signature on Weekly Schedule


Classwork: Proved the converse of the isosceles triangle theorem.

Homework: Isosceles Triangle Theorem Practice

Coming Soon! Congruence & Triangles Unit test Friday, December 2

Canvasser 11.28.16 Monday

Happy Monday!

RR ELA- Reading logs were due today, if you did not turn one in you may do so tomorrow for late points. The new reading logs are due Monday ( 12.5.16) students should be reading for a minimum of 30 minutes for five days a week. Students must also complete the short reader's response section, along with having a parent signature for all five days.

RR Math- The blue group can finish workbook pages ( week 1, day 4) if not completed in class. The signed homework packet and multiplication sheet are due on/before Thursday ( 12.1.16)  the math test will be on Thursday ( 12.1.16). The workbook pages, notes, and homework packet are great study tools!

* Bring your AR books to class and home daily!*