Monday, November 21, 2016

Math 8 - Stone

We completed Investigation 4.2 today. We learned about how rational numbers can create repeating decimals or terminating decimals. 

We also discussed our extra credit project- Making our own Wheel of Theodorus. The rubric is on the following link: It is due Monday, November 28 and contain all components on the rubric to be given any extra credit.

Homework tonight: page 71 (3-7, 30, 31)


Classwork: Completed 3.5, triangle sum theorem. 3.1-3.4 quizzes were returned and discussed

Homework: Triangle Sum theorem practice

Coming Soon! 3.5-3.6 quiz Tuesday, November 29. Unit 3 test Friday, December 2

Greer- 8th Grade Science

Greer - 8th Grade Science
From today's investigations, complete the graph and questions through 2A: 4c.  We will be discussing them Tuesday before continuing to the next activity.


Classwork: We reviewed balanced and unbalanced forces from our discussion on Friday. We then moved into the first part of our next investigation, on Newton's 2nd Law.

Monday 11.21.16 Canvasser Update

RR ELA- Grammar quiz is Tuesday( 11.22.16) pages 16-23 in your grammar packet is a great study tool. Pages 1-5 in your homophones packet need to be completed for homework tonight ( 11.21.16) and due tomorrow ( 11.22.16)

Spanish 2

Students went over the answers for the review packet from last week and then completed another review on pages 178-179. They were also shown practice activities they can do tonight on VHL if they want more practice. The Unit 5 test is tomorrow.

Canvasser 11.21.16 Monday

Happy Monday!

RR ELA- The reading logs are due today ( 11.21.16) if you did not turn one in, you may do so tomorrow ( 11.22.16) for late points. Your new reading logs are due Monday ( 11.28.16) students should be reading for a minimum of 30 minutes for five days a week.

RR Math- The blue group can finish workbook pages ( day 3, week 1) if not completed in class. Your signed homework packet and multiplication sheet are due on/before Thursday ( 12.1.16) your math test will also be on Thursday ( 12.1.16). Your homework packet, workbook pages, and notes are great study tools!

* Bring your AR books to class and home daily!*