Thursday, April 20, 2017

Greer - 8th Grade Science

Greer - 8th Grade Science
All hoursThere is no homework!

Math 8 - Stone

Today we spent a while reviewing the homework. Number 10 was pretty tough, but we found an easier way than guessing and checking to find the equation for a quadratic. We know that the equation for a quadratic is:


We found out that if you take half of the second difference from the table you get "a" in the equation and we reviewed that the "c" is the y-intercept. To find the "b" we take a point from the table and solve for the value of "b". This is a great new strategy to practice!

We spent the remainder of class doing a function sort (you can find it in the link below if you forgot it at school). You must finish it for homework. Remember every story has a matching equation and a matching graph. I look forward to seeing the finished product tomorrow.

Quiz corrections due Monday
Unit Test on Wednesday


Ramin - ELA

Today we finished up Unit 7. We will review for the quiz in class tomorrow.


Spanish 2

Students took the direct object pronouns quiz and took notes on Spanish comparisons.

Unit 8 Test: Friday, April 28


Classwork- Completed the notes on Circumference

Homework- Circumference Handout


Classwork: Yesterday was a catch up day for all students who have been missing class due to the M-Step. Students should all have two sections of notes completed (19.1, 20.1), two sets of review questions, and the Properties of Waves packet completed for today.

Today we are reading the next section of notes (20.2) on the motion of waves and completing review questions. Tomorrow we will be completing an Earth Day activity.

If you have not yet turned in $/permission slips for Cedar Point, please do so ASAP. Also, the 8th grade College Tour permission slip was due today.

Stein - Math 8 Plus

What We Did Today:

Students completed a Unit Readiness to review the skills needed to start our first investigation. The problems and the answers are available at



Canvasser 4.20.17 Thursday

RR ELA- Reading logs are due Monday ( 4.24.17) students should be reading for a minimum of 30 minutes for five days a week. Students must also complete the short reader's response section, along with having a parent signature for all five days.

RR Math - The red group can complete workbook pages ( week 2, day 1) if not finished in class. The blue group worked on homework and test corrections.
The new homework packet and multiplication sheet are due on/before Tuesday ( 5.2.17) the math test will also be on Tuesday ( 5.2.17)

*Students need to bring their AR books to class and home daily!*